– 2018 –

Schedule of workshops hosted, seminars presented, or conference presentations given by Qutub Lab members. Click on the event name to be directed to the event site. Sign up below for event reminders.

Workshops, Competitions
& Symposia

(Houston, TX)



Feb 8 TMC Data Workshop: Image Analysis

Mar 9 3 Minute Thesis Pitch

Mar 10-17 ComSciCon

May 11 Graduation Ceremony

June 25 Texas Medical Center Data Workshop

June 25 Data Sensing, Science & Systems for Space

Feb 20 DZNE Center for Neurodegenerative Research

Mar 1 University of Delaware

Mar 12 Scientific Computing & Imaging Institute

Mar 21 Sanford Research Institute

May 3 MDACC Cancer Systems Imaging Retreat

Jan 15 Keystone Symposia State of the Brain

Apr 9 BRAIN Initiative Meeting

May 20 Janelia Farms Connectomes

June 11 NetSci 2018 & NetMed 2018

June 17 Gordon Conference on Image Science