BioScience Research Collaborative
Texas Medical Center
Houston, TX
2018 Dates To Be Announced
9 am – 5 pm each day

Applications for 2018 Workshop Open in Summer/Fall
Hands-On Lab Workshops Limited to 8 Attendees
Limited Competitive Travel Awards Available
Supported by NSF 1533708

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Hosts: Qutub, Robinson, Wagner Labs, Rice University

  • Learn in vitro imaging methods to capture neural network formation from human stem cells
  • Master the newest computational tools to analyze cellular image and expression data
  • Record electrical activity from intact C. elegans
  • Learn to observe and analyze zebrafish brain development in vivo
Day 1, BRC Suite 610
Day 2, Morning in Keith-Weiss Geological Computer Lab 130
Morning, 9 am – 11:30 am

Lecture I
Imaging Neural Systems In Vitro and In Vivo

Participants Share 5-10 Min Talks on Research Applications & Current Challenges

Lecture II
Processing High-Dimensional Data: Images to OmicsHands-on Tutorial II
Computational Interpretation of Images and High-Dimensional Expression Data
 11:30-1 pm
Lunch, Driscoll’s
Lunch, Rice Faculty Club
Afternoon, 1-5 pm
Hands-on Tutorial I
Live Imaging of Differentiating Human Neural Progenitor Cells
1 pm George R. Brown Hall E117, Lecture III:
High-Throughput Single-Cell Electrical Recording
Hands-on Tutorial III
Electrical Recording from C. Elegans Mutants
3 pm Anderson Lab Rm 329, Lecture IV:
Tools to Study Zebrafish Neural Development
Hands-on Tutorial IV
Live Imaging of the Developing Zebrafish Brain