Dec 2015-Feb 2017

Feb 24 Amina presents at Illinois Institute of Technology

Feb 10 Interactive Heatmap Workshop

Feb 2 Congrats to Arun who won an IBB Travel Award!

Jan 11 2017 preprint available on Biowheel data visualization tool!

Jan 8 Arun presents research on how neurons form networks at the Keystone Neurogenesis Symposium

Jan 3 Andre presents on new modeling methods to predict human tissue metabolism at PSB 2017

Dec 20 Congrats to George, who passed his qualifying proposal!

Dec 12 Amina presents at the BRAIN Investigators’ Meeting

Dec 5 PSB paper is in press! Metabolic models distinguish forms of pediatric acute leukemia

Dec 5 Leukemia paper is in press! p53 signaling affects AML prognosis independent of TP53 mutations

Nov 30 Amina presents at MD Anderson Dept. Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Nov 12 Arun presents at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting

Nov 11 Amina gives a Keck Seminar on the Lab’s new research projects

Nov 5 National Academies AA Frontiers of Engineering Symposium: Exploring the Brain

Oct 30 New Horizons in Science: How Neurons Build Networks

Oct 26 Andre won Jeffrey Michel Innovation in Systems Biology Dissertation & Travel Awards, and a PSB 2017 Travel Award. Congrats Andre!

Oct 5 Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting. Arun, Wendy, Dave, Andre, Sanjana, Tien, Sanket, Cole & Quentin all presented on their research!

Sept 29 French-American Innovation Symposium in Data Science

Sept 28 French-American Innovation Day at TMCx: Data Sciences, The New Frontier

Sept 15 Neural & Cognitive Systems Workshop

Sept 12 Metabolic signatures paper is accepted for PSB 2017. Congrats Andre!

Sept 2 Evolutionary-informed modeling to predict leukemia outcomes paper is in press. Congrats Li!

July 31 Gordon Conference on Neural Development

July 12 Faces of Innovation Conference Opening Keynote

July 8 ISMB 2016

June 29 Rice University lab runs crowd-sourced competition to create ‘big data’ diagnostic tools

June 28 Study to identify predictors of how leukemia patients respond to therapy is published online. Congrats, Dave, Byron, Kely, Alex, Wendy, Andre, Steve, Gustavo, Amina & all authors!

June 13 Application of Automated Microscopy and Image Informatics to Cancer Research

June 6 Welcome summer research interns Cole Grandel and Keshav Ram!

May 26 Preprint of Social Networks of Neural Progenitor Cells is available. Nice work, Arun!

May 25 Big Data in Biomedicine @ Stanford

May 25 NeuroX @ Rice

May 23 Pint of Science, KHOU Interview with Amina & Moshe Vardi (Rice, CS), Houston

April 26 Tien wins a travel award for her talk at the Smalley-Curl Institute’s Transdisciplinary conference. Congrats!

April 19 R paper for Progeny Clustering is in press. Congrats, Wendy!

March 4 CORDA tissue-specific metabolic modeling paper published in PLOS Comp Bio. Congrats, Andre!

Feb 28 Elif welcomes baby girl Defne. Congrats!

Feb 23 Dave Noren’s paper on VEGF-mediated Ca2+ signaling driving endothelial cell behavior is a Science Signaling editor’s choice & this issue’s cover. Congrats!

Feb 22 Nature Methods cancer protein signaling challenge paper published – congrats all, Alex, Wendy, Byron, Dave, Amina!

Jan 25 Andre’s corsoFBA paper is featured as one of the best BMC Sys Bio papers of 2015

Jan 5 Welcome new lab members Yujie Chen, Natalie Dickman, & Andrew Ligeralde!

Jan 4 Wendy Hu wins NHGRI and IBB fellowships to attend the Keystone Symposium on Genomics & Personalized Medicine

Jan 1 Andre Schultz and fellow BIOE Kelsea Hubka get engaged

Dec 15 Researchers Seek Ways to Help Damaged Brains Heal

Dec 11 6 Ways Rice Research is Changing the World